blue men unpainted

It’s almost midnight and I’m in the office. I didn’t work hardly at all today because I have a friend in town and a writing workshop going on during the days. So I’m holed up here in the wee hours while they sleep.

A really cool thing happened tonight. We were walking through town, through Piazza della Riforma, and Blue Man Group was rehearsing for tomorrow night’s show. You can see the live Web cam on the Piazza here.

Now, some of you may not know Blue Man Group… but for those of you who do, who’ve seen them… it was a total run-though, except sans the blue. The lights, the music, they were testing it out… but also the guys were running through all their motions and movements and everything in slightly slow motion. The stage is HUGE. They’ve been building it in the Piazza for at least a week. We’re far away so the photo isn’t great. It was very cool — you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s warm here, too, compared to further north where I’ve heard it’s been snowing for a couple of days. Wonders never cease here.

I saw them years ago in Vegas. It was the same show. They’re young guys. Cuter without the blue.

I’m hoping I can talk Lori into going back tomorrow night. It’s free!


Several years ago, my friend Lori and I went to Taos to study with Natalie Goldberg, a Zen Buddhist and very successful author, mostly of books about writing. She wrote 20 years ago about writing as a meditative practice — take a topic, write for ten minutes; don’t stop moving your hand across the page; don’t edit; just write.

Since the trip to Taos, I’ve been on an e-mail list of quotes and topics for writing. Every few days a new topic and quote show up in my inbox. Today’s quote was, “A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” and the topic was FRIENDS.

I am rich in my friends. It’s funny — after the divorce and leaving my life in Colorado, getting focused and nurtured by work in Idaho and then moving all way out here, I have felt isolated, lonely and missing intimacy… but it’s all around me in so many ways.

I have this gang here that is just great:

I’ve had lots of visitors here, especially family (cousin Matt and his girlfriend Alexis are here now — they’re going up Mt. San Salvatore today). I just got an e-mail from Patti today asking, “How goes it?” Lori arrives Monday.

And men. Still ever so very single, but there are many men out there who love me just for me. Got an e-mail today from an old love who’s my friend now. I’m going to visit friends in Colorado soon. I’ll spend time with Joe, who started Extreme Measures. Beth and I were talking the other night. I said, “I feel wrecked, and like I just need to be around people who really know and like me.” She said, “He adores you.” Joe has seen me at my absolute worst over the last ten years and still gets a kick out of me. Those are the kind of friends to have. I am rich in my friends. You can link to many of them on the right, and here are some, too!

Looking at their pictures, you know what I realize? I know amazing people. You are smart and sweet and creative. I know successful executives and entrepreneurs and ethicists and excellent adventurers and cooks and campers and courageous women of all kinds! The men are not at all wimpy, either! 😉 I like you, my people!

Opera man, also known as Brent, was here last weekend and looking at some photos. He said, “You create family wherever you go.” I’d never thought of it that way, but I guess that’s true. Today I’m thankful for this created extended family (even if I’m not getting any hot dates out of it! I’ve got to put you to work on that one!)

La Boheme at the Zurich opera

Went to the opera Saturday night! In Zurich! Someone I’ve met was singing… how cool is that?! And treat of all treats… it was La Boheme, which I was in as a kid at the Asolo Opera in Sarasota. It was fun. Here’s me, the opera house, Brent and Emily, in the blue wig. All Americans in Switzerland. The photos are a little grainy b/c they’re from his phone.