3 reasons I love Zurich

I’ve officially lived in Zurich for over 2 months. Here are 3 reasons I love it:

Zurich on a winter night
Zurich on a winter night

1. Public Transportation

My friend Bill is committed to environmental sustainability in ways that astound me. He’s devoted himself to permaculture reforestation of the planet and built WeForest, an international not-for-profit organization combating global warming. He walks his talk and so also does not travel by plane. For this year’s TED he’s traveling all the way to the US by container ship. Amazing.

Bill’s commitment inspires me to do what I can to make my life more environmentally sustainable; I’ve sold my car and am living solely on public transport. This wouldn’t work in many places, but in Zurich it’s easy, fast and phenomenally affordable. Buses, trams and trains interconnect and the schedules are online. From my house I can be in the airport in 33 minutes. Imagine: no insurance, no gas costs, no maintenance… I love it!

2. History

From the Landesmuseum’s digital displays of human migrations over thousands of years to Marc Chagall’s windows in the Fraumunster, to the slightly cheesy décor in the Zeughauskeller restaurant, I’ve enjoyed living with the old and new side by side.

3. Vibrance

I have gone out and done fun things more in the last month than in the previous four years in Lugano. It’s such a joy to be a part of the quiet vibrance that is Zurich — it’s not New York or even Boston, and I am glad for that. There is a pulse, an excitement, opportunities and possibilities here that are palpable, though. Asian & Vegetarian restaurants (we didn’t have those in Lugano), Christmas markets, dancing, movies in English… I love it!

Zurich on a winter day
Zurich on a winter day
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  1. Those are all reasons why I love Brussels too (although it would be good to have a river too). There’s something about a small city….

  2. A very exciting combination-organized, energetic, historical, and efficient. I was most impressed with the ability to walk so many places but then jump on public transportation as well. Loved Lugano but this is a far better match for you!
    And my, those fried apples and brats!

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