Wyatt the Fish Whisperer

This is my brother’s youngest son, Wyatt. There’s something about his face that is so much like mine it kind-of freaks me out. He’s built just like my grandafther, who died many years ago. It’s nice to notice that; makes me think of my Grandaddy every time I see him.

Anyway, Wyatt’s discovered that he’s a great fisherman. He’s staying at my folks’ house in Florida this week and he’s like the Fish Whisperer. No one else has caught anything and he’s caught multiple snook, trout, snapper and a few big catfish, too.

Standing out on the dock late one night he whispered to my Mom, “I can *hear* them…” The second photo is hysterical… note the hook going into my Dad’s finger as the fish jumps out of his hands and Wyatt pulls down his arms.

It’s neat to watch a little person this age (he’s going into third grade, I think) find something he loves to do.

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