a belated Ode to Squam

It was weeks ago now, in mid-September, and I still need to post photos from a big adventure: going to Squam Art Workshops on Squam Lake, New Hampshire. I’d read about Squam on all my favorite blogs and thought, “What better way to get girl time than go to Art Camp with tons of women?” I registered right away, before discovering that my friends from Colorado, Helen and Morgan, were going too! I also didn’t know the Camp was where On Golden Pond was filmed. I love beautiful cinematography and visiting film locations, so this just kept getting better and better.

I arrived at the Camp late at night, a half-day before the other campers. It was pitch black. There was no one around, not even in the office for check in. I found a staffer on the side of the road. She showed me to my lodge room, where I fell asleep immediately — It’d been a long trans-Atlantic trip. This is what I woke to:
dock 1balcony 1balcony 2 The leaves were just starting to change.
leaves1 During the day, I moved to the cabin Helen, Morgan and I were sharing…
Ewing cabin 2
Ewing cabin
Ewing bedroom 1The bedroom was deceptively cozy-looking. It was FREEZING! Despite the linens on the bed, this was camping. I had not come prepared for that. BRRR.
Still we had great fun. We hadn’t spent time together in probably about 6 years.
sunset 1HandM1
H as Fat AlbertMorgan’s new initiative: only wear cool socks. Hmmmm… my sock drawer needs attention.
Dana's cool socks
sunset 4
By the end of the weekend, the leaves were really starting to do their thing.leaves at end Some of the ladies were downright raucous, and I’m leaving out those photos though I look forward to seeing them again because they are just so much fun to watch!  I will say no more; I do not know them well enough to give them away.  You know who you are.
peaceful dock at end
Here’s my review of Camp:
1. The woman who creates Squam Art Workshops, Elizabeth, is fabulous for doing it!
2. Every morning I miss Camp breakfast. Made-to-order, whole grain Belgian waffles with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup are a very good thing.
3. I wish I’d taken painting or classes where I could have tried out things I’ve never done and gotten messy and made something to show. I only took writing, which was silly of me.

And the main thing:
4. Sometimes it’s good to not work or even think about healing or transforming the world. Even on vacation lately I’ve been working, because I love it and am driven. It’s good for the soul to have a retreat, to sit by the lake. If you can, do that.  I recommend going where there is no Internet access and leaving your mobile phone at home.  Otherwise, it’s tricky.  For me, at least…
Squam Lake may be the most peaceful place I’ve ever been.

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