Adventure Begets Adventure

The other thing about Adventures… in addition to inherent risk discussed in the last post… is that once you’ve set off, you’re out there. Stuff happens and all there is to do is make the best of it. When a bum trip happens — or a bad meal, room, or traveling companion — all there is to do is regroup, reroute, set off for greener pastures, or whatever makes you happy. Which is exactly what I did this week. Mom was here, and she’s a great traveling companion. So here’s a wee bit of our fun:

Tobogganing (video’s in little box below, transcript goes something like this)

me: “I’m gonna catch you!” (As in, “Hurry up so I don’t have to slow down!”)
her: “I want you to take a picture of me!” (I’m filming the whole thing.)
me: “Go, Nonna, Go!” (We call her the Italian word for Grandmother.)
her: “Brake. It says, ‘Brake.'”
me: “You don’t have to Follow the Instructions!”
her (later): That says, ‘Slow Down.'”
me: “Yeah, I ignore that…”
her: “That was fun!”

Note: the quality’s best in this small format here rather than clicking through to a larger version.

Of course, she did her obligatory twirl a la Julie Andrews. (If you are new to this blog, since I was about ten, my Mother has periodically felt an overwhelming urge to run through beautiful pastures (or other random settings) arms outstretched, singing, “The hills are alive…” Since I live in Switzerland this happens with great frequency. She prefers it if I sing while she twirls.

Mom twirling again

I also fulfilled a long-time desire to parasail. The best part of this was that it had rained in Switzerland for several weeks straight (I am not exaggerating). I’d really wanted to parasail to celebrate my 40th birthday. Waiting for the weather to clear, I booked for the morning afterward… and, lo and behold!, woke to the first crystal clear blue skies in weeks. An instructor, the fabulous Martin of Kandersteg, and I took a cable car up above town then hiked to a field above Almenalp.  He set out the gear and got us all hooked up…


we took a step and a half forward from where I took the photo below and then we flew and flew and flew over the valley…

Kandersteg below

Here are 18 seconds of it. It was far more peaceful than I expected (kind of like scuba diving that way). Landing was smoother than I ever imagined. No. bump, no bounce, no speed… I just stepped back down to earth. It was magical.

And that my friends is how a good Adventure goes down. This past week has been one of the best in years. The hotel we were in promises to make the Best of 2010 list. We’ve just experienced some of the best Switzerland has to offer… let me know if you’d like travel itineraries, tips, planning advice, etc. Oh! And this is what 40 looks like…

Thanks, Mom, for the great birthday Adventures!

40 Today

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  1. Happy belated Birthday my friend! Thanks for sharing your marvelous adventures yet again. What an amazing place to parasail, I’m glad you got to cross that off your list.

  2. OMG. First off – your laugh – that is brilliant. I could watch that over and over again. Second – parasailing? You are a rock star. Third – HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are my hero.

  3. Hi guys! Wait til I tell you about the chocolate factory and the cheese in Gruyeres! We were on a cheese, chocolate and adventure tour of the Alps…

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