Adventures with students in the South

Whew! Returned from something like 12 days on the road with 21 students… we saw Atlanta, New Orleans and Nashville.

Oh, jet lag. I just slept for 21 hours.

Highlights included:
– a reunion of traditional New Orleans Brass Bands
– a Bonnie Raitt concert
– holding an aligator in a swamp outside New Orleans
– meeting James Slater at BMI in Nashville. He wrote one of my favorite songs, “In My Daughter’s Eyes” (Martina McBride sang it on a recent album)

Mom, you’ll appreciate this… for everyone else… the first night in New Orleans I went out on Bourbon Street with the students, including two young German guys who drink like fish. I convinced everyone to buy feather boas and the two guys bought PINK ones, something aggressively heterosexual American students would never do… and late we were walking by three burly NO cops and one says to the others, “There’s nothing as magical as a man in a pink boa.”

That was the funniest moment of the trip, I think.

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