at the beach

I’ve been on Daytona Beach with the maternal side of my family. It was my Mema’s 90th birthday. Every year, we gather together — four generations of us — to catch up, have fun and celebrate her birthday and our family. We’re all so glad we do it.

We gather at a place called Perry’s Ocean Edge. It’s not the most upscale place on the beach, but it’s perfect for us because it has grass, picnic tables, pool, beach, Bar-B-Que, shuffleboard, putt-putt-golf… everything our growing clan needs. And every morning they make hot, fresh doughnuts of all kinds. I didn’t take any photos of the doughnuts, but they’re fantastic!

We call ourselves The Wild People — you never know what’s going to happen with this bunch. This year, my brother Rick lost a crown at breakfast Thursday morning, but not to worry the dentists (Uncle Hayden and cousin Denny and his wife Kristi) arrive Friday evening and will surely be able to help. This is what ensued… note that the man with the strap (Uncle Mike, the family prankster) and holding his head is NOT a dentist, but a pro golfer! He is nonetheless “assisting” with this procedure while Denny and Kristi look on…

Here are some of my other favorite shots from the weekend… sorry I didn’t include photos of everyone. These are just a handful where the light was good and they fit here. Look, Kristen! Clark is smiling in the photo below!

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  1. I see Clark smiling…and the rest of us too! It was great seeing you–can’t wait til next year (unless we make a pilgrimage to Switzerland before then.) 🙂
    Keep me posted on your trip to CO…I’ll be thinking about you.

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