Back in Boulder

You know, I think all that stuff I said about being over Boulder was hooey. I think maybe it was all pretense for that I didn’t really want to leave here and I haven’t wanted to deal with it. I thought when I finished my Ph.D. and got married that I had found a way to stay here for the long haul. I didn’t know I’d be hightailing it out of town dazed and desperate in a few short years. The truth is I love it here and I so miss being in the midst of my people, my community, my friends.

My Monday morning ballooning closing ceremony went differently than I thought it would. My alarm clock didn’t go off and I still woke up in time for the 5:45 balloon hour. I was excited. It was great fun to hold the fabric up for the fan to blow the air into the balloon to inflate it. It was HUGE. I highly recommend Jeff at Fair Winds. He’s been flying balloons over Boulder for over 25 years. It was a lot of fun.

As the ballloon rose up over town, I started to cry. I have always so loved the Flatirons. Light was shining down through the clouds right onto the University, like it was the Chosen Place (for me it was). It was gorgeous and fun and cathartic. And I got that I never dealt with that I ran out of town with the thought only that I needed to escape my marriage. I’ve spent a lot of time processing that, but I never dealt with that I let that brief marriage separate me from my friends and this place I love. It’s been great to get away from here to recover and I am excited about my upcoming adventures, but I miss my community, the teahouse, the Pearl Street Mall, hiking up into the Flatirons, talking to Beth and Ruthie, Joe and Wendy, Carol and Lori. This week is good for that. I was supposed to leave Sunday or Monday and I don’t want to go. Maybe Friday, maybe next Monday… we’ll see. There’s no real rush.

What new possibilities might this hold for me? I like the idea of bicontinental living. Adventure surely awaits! This week itself has been an adventure… I haven’t slept a whole night in four days. Too busy having fun!

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