Bellinzona Market Day

Today I went with my new friend Alesia to the market in Bellinzona. It was incredible. I can’t believe I forgot to take the camera. It’s not even so much that I forgot… it didn’t even cross my mind. Anyway, Bellinzona is the head of the canton (like the state capitol), about 30 minutes north of here, just before you reach the really, really big mountains. I drove my new, zippy car. I got to go in fifth gear on the autostrada. It was fun.

It was market day in Bellinzona and everyone turns out. Young people, old people, exquisitely beautiful people, multilingual people… we sat for hours at a cafe table in the piazza and had cappuccinos and pastries and lasagna bolognese that was out of this world. We people-watched, we talked and talked. We shopped, we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Alesia is Southern, too… and single. She told me last week she married when she was thirty because she really wanted to have kids and thought her time was running out and now when she thinks of her ex all she can come up with is, “What was I thinking?!” I was so shocked that somebody else said that out loud I didn’t even know what to say except, “I did the exact same thing!”

I don’t have pictures of Bellinzona on market day, but here the image is in words:

Bellinzona market day, October 2005
Roman-god gorgeous profiles,
noses never looked so good.
Sauntering through the piazza in Bellinzona
on market day.
Pushing a stroller with one hand
offering up with the other
nocciola gelato
to be licked
so sweet
from the cone
in the autumn sun.

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