Beth and Ben

These are my friends Beth and Ben. Well, Ben doesn’t yet consider me a friend. He seems to get a kick out of Mufasa, my dog, and as long as I sing Old McDonald Had a Farm in really funny voices he’ll look at me, but mostly Ben tries to ignore me so far. He’s two so I try not to take it too personally or hold it against him. Plus, it’s hard to be upset with Ben because he’s very, very cute and has a unique sense of humor already.

The other night he was fussing with me when I was going to read him a bedtime story. No book was adequate in Ben’s eyes. Then he disengaged from conversation and looked around the room for a minute. He looked at a litte kid-size Nordstrom shopping bag he has and said, “I go shopping now.” When I said (starting to get frustrated), “Ben, it’s late at night and dark and time to go to bed,” he looked at me like I was dense and said, “I’m joking.” I didn’t know two-year-olds would say something like that. I said, “That was really funny!” How cute is that?!

It’s a good thing little kids go to bed so early, because then Beth and I have time to sit up late at night talking and laughing. Sometimes at the end of these conversations we’ve laughed so hard we’re exhausted and we feel like we’ve solved every major dilemma in our lives… ever. I’m sure we’ve averted others.

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  1. Hi Becky, do you have a current email? I just sent something to your UI email, not sure if it went through.

    Take care, Alison

  2. its great to see beth’s smiling face!! thanks for the pic becky… and I am sure you solved many of the worlds problems in your late night conversations!!

    that is what good friends are for!! because even if the solutions one reaches fade during the light of the next day, its the closeness & communion of like minds that one has during the conversation that is the true goal, and maybe, even the solution….

  3. Rebecca! I am soooooo bummed that this week was the week for this huge celebration we’re throwing at work *400 guests!! So I’m just totally buried. How long will you be here? Tomorrow is the big day but I still would love to swing in an eye to eye, if even for a moment. love you!!

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