Blank Slate: the Ultimate Adventure

Greetings fellow adventurers! I am in the midst of something perhaps you could sense and I have referred to in bits and pieces. The time has come to just own up and write about it here. It’s been so long since I sat quietly and let you into my world in a meaningful way.

I’m Blank Slating. What does that mean? Literally making a blank slate, a fresh start, a Do-Over. Making way for what’s new and next, as always of course, but also making time for quiet and reflection, for what matters. I’m doing it here with this site by participating in Gwen Bell‘s Align Your Website, revisiting every thought, idea and assumption I have about what XpatAdventures is and will be (including those designers I shared a couple months ago).

I’m also doing it with my life. I’ve just taken on a couple big new work projects and indicated in negotiations that they should run only through the end of 2011. 2012 is a completely blank slate. Everything will be re-evaluated. Everything.

It’s terrifying and liberating all at once.

My usual M.O. would include shoving in every paying gig I can get and volunteering to do more than humanly possible. It’s a recipe for disaster — or illness. I know because I’ve tried. And the truth is, it’s not what makes my heart sing. I’d like to fill 2012 with the things that matter. With making new friends and visiting loved ones around the globe. With singing gigs. With work that both builds on my talents and pays the bills. I am asking myself to slow down and take conscious steps, to pay closer attention to what is right for me instead of creating at a full-out sprint and collapsing in a heap alone at the end.

Here’s the real truth, and I know I’ve shared this years ago here: when I was 24 years old a nephrologist walked into an examining room, told me I should sit down, and explained that I should expect to have 10 good years to live. It was one of the most incredible days, because I realized there was nothing else I’d rather do, nowhere else I’d rather be than exactly where I was right then and there.

That is not the case with my life now and it is time to begin living again like this is the very last decade I’ve got. Funny how easy it is to grow complacent. Our machinery – the thoughts that go on between our ears and shape how our lives look – takes over so quickly. It is time for me to run the show  again, instead of it running me.

So I am Blank Slating, questioning every assumption. Slowing down to check the validity of every agreement, trying to be true to myself.

I can see how Blank Slating will contribute to many areas of my life all at once: my health, relationships with friends & family… if the Universe conspires in my favor Mr. Right may have room to appear once the slate is wiped clean.

And you? What would Blank Slating even a part of your life provide? What would it look like to clear out all the assumptions and activities and put back only what really mattered and worked? Keep the things you love. What would stay ? What would go?

I’ll keep you posted on the project. Thanks for being here.

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  1. YES!! I’ve been blank slating for over a year now and so far so good. I wish you every happiness with it and look forward to watching how it unfolds for you….

  2. This is so exciting!! I am looking forward to hearing all your thoughts on how things are going–and all the things you are doing!–as this gets started. So courageous! xoxo

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