Book Fairying in Mexico

Where to begin with the Book Fairying? We could begin with

This time last year I did not know of Christine Mason Miller. And now…? Now I want to BE Christine… or at least live close enough that we could get together regularly for hummus (like we did in Jordan) or chocolate or coffee or just kvetching and playing with her art supplies. I adore her, in every bit of her goofy goodness.

She is one of my new buddy-heroes, along with Letha Sandison of Wrap Up Africa and Maggie Doyne at Kopila Valley. Oh, dear, the Saturday afternoons the four of us could have! We’d solve all the world’s great challenges before the second slice of chocolate cake. I suspect Marianne Elliott would fit right in, too, so you are cordially invited. I say we meet at Letha’s.

So… since I love her and Ordinary Sparkling Moments and I travel all over the world and the 100 Books Project is such a Good Idea, I’ve been begging to be a Book Fairy… also because first I found a book and then I get to give a book… how cool is that? Pretty. Darned. Cool.

So she sent the book, and immediately I hopped on a plane for a business trip in Mexico. The outside of the book didn’t just say the standard, “This is a gift for you!”  It said, “esto es un regalo para usted!”

Book Fairy

I was crushed when the driver deposited me in the shiny, brand new, glass-and-metal office park where my hotel and work were. I’d pictured Colonial arcades, museums and busy public spaces perfect for Book Fairying. Not to worry. On Wednesday, three days into the course when they already liked me, I sat at lunch with two of the women participants and told them all about the 100 Books Project. They wanted to know more about Christine and her art, the book, all of it. I gave them some Ordinary Sparkling Moments postcards and they were in on the Book Fairy project 100%! They made big plans for all of us to go out on the town in Mexico City the following night. So, you see, it took a village (and hours in rush-hour Mexico City traffic) to complete this Book Fairy mission.

This is where we went:

to the Angel of Independence, in the heart of Mexico City. I love the name of the monument for leaving a book about finding satisfaction and contentment, don’t you?angel_de_la_independencia_mexico_cityIt was dusk. We pulled over on the side of the circle, “Mexico’s Champs-Elysees,” they said, and ran through traffic to the monument in the center. There were a few couples furiously PDAing as young Mexican couples are so apt to do.

angel di riforma

We found the perfect spot. The women told me that this is the spot for girls and their friends to come, all decked out, during their Quinceañera parties. They assured me there’d be a group of dolled up fifteen year olds there by nightfall.

book fairy1

The book would be the perfect gift for the birthday girl… to remind her of who she is and inspire her to do her art, pursue her passions, follow her own way.

book fairy2

My hope is that some newly minted 15-year-old is practicing her English while she reads the book.

And that, my friends, is the story of another book in the 100 Books Project. They’re bringing Ordinary Sparkling Moments everywhere.

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot tell you how much I love this. I have the BIGGEST smile on my face.

    YOU are a rock star!!!

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