Book Fairying, Part 2: TEDx Zug

I must confess this happened months ago…

lake sunset Zug

on a lovely early-summer evening

side street Zugdown cobblestoned side streets

bell tower ZUgin the shadow of Zug, Switzerland’s 13th century Zyt Tower

Hogwarts or Zug1

in a place that might have been Hogwarts (except it wasn’t; it was Zug’s Rathous (Town Hall), built between 1505 and 1509)

Hogwarts or Zug2

Hogwarts or Zug 3Gathered a group for TEDx Zug.

TEDX signIn their midst, a Book Fairy… who left a package, a secret gift, on the windowsill…

packageWe don’t know who found this limited Book Fairy edition of Ordinary Sparkling Moments. I hope he or she enjoyed it lakeside one lovely Swiss summer evening.

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