Brainstorm with me?

Hey — I could use a little help from my friends! There’s a new company in Switzerland that hires people to do half-day, day-long and evening workshops, conferences and seminars. They also do an inspirational lunch series. I’ve been asked to pitch some ideas to them.

This is right up my alley — I think I’d love to be a full-time motivational speaker. They do business-related topics but also more general life coaching sorts of things. What topics would you like to attend? What do you think *I* could or should talk about?

I was thinking:
Games for Grown-Ups: achieving personal and professional goals with fun and ease
Making Lemonade: sweetner for starting over
and something about money mastery… or something.

What do you think? First five people to post five good ideas in the comments I’ll send Swiss chocolate. Please indicate milk or dark, nuts or no nuts.

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  1. In dealing with my mom’s sudden passing, people at the hospital talked with me about living a “new normal,” and that has been helpful to me. Thinking about things as the “new normal” has helped me try and understand that it’s okay to miss the old normal but that it’s time to live a new normal. I’m bad at expressing my feelings about this, but I’m just passing it along. I have no idea if this is helpful to you!

  2. Reb:

    I have a couple of ideas – you’re great at playing the “what’s possible” games. Barbara Sher talks about gathering groups of people for idea parties, in which people get up in front of the group and say, “I’d like to be a ____, but I can’t believe of _____.” You’re actually great at thinking up the NEXT step after that. Kind of an “I’ve got an idea, what the heck do I do now?” kind of thing. Just get people moving in their minds about what they’d like to accomplish and then give them a good kick in the butt (that’s YOU) and get ’em out there. Baby steps, baby steps!

  3. This may be a little obvious, but… quoting you from a couple posts ago:

    Living in partnership
    Continuing the journey! (skiing in Arabba in March is a good start — two people from the Greece trip are coming from LA to stay with Mufasa! How cool is that?!)

    What better way to create/continue creating those things for yourself than to do a workshop about them/one. Not sure if that’s Swiss Chocolate worthy, but if so milk/nuts. 🙂

  4. This is so great everybody! I think I’ll use ALL of your ideas. Abundance is such a great word and I didn’t even think of that, Katia! It is definitely chocolate worthy and I already know just the milk/nuts combo I’ll send. Cathy, the idea of the New Normal is so good, hard as it is to get used to. Leaving Zach was like that. Just had to get my head around the new normal. I used that in class today. And Bethie — that’s what Lori said on the phone, too! You know me sooo well.

  5. here are some ideas for workshop titles, I will leave your accelerated imagination to fill in the content

    1. FABULOUS!!!

    2. Living within the New Media, good things about today..

    3. HomeSense for ExPats

    4. Thoughts to mull over on short walks (my gosh, think of it, give em a thought, tell ’em to take a walk, come back & talk about it.. repeat!)

    5. WHO KNEW?? living at the intersection of yourself and the grab-bag of media/culture-created desires

    6. Chocolate Tasting & the Local History connected with Swiss chocolate companies (i’d take that)

    7. Professional Woman’s roudtable discussion group (an important thing in any current cultural stewpot?)

    hmmmmm, these are just some ideas, I’m sleepy… more soon…

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