Cape Town Cooking Safari

I’ve been leading a week-long management training course in Cape Town this week. Ramadan started on Monday, so the Muslim participants are dealing with hunger and blood sugar issues by mid-afternoon. I also scheduled our final day around the men heading out to the mosque mid-day. I am impressed to see the ways various cultures here are maintained and integrated. It’s quite different from the U.S or Switzerland… not a melting pot so much as a curry in which each distinct spice adds its own special essence.

When I was here last March, a course particpant introduced me to salomies — they’s kind-of like burritos, but filled with a spicy local lamb curry typical of the Malay culture here. I’ve been thinking of it (and wanting another) for six months, so I did a little research to learn about Cape Malay cooking.

I found Andulela’s Cape Malay Cooking Safari on the Slow Food Web site.  What a day!  Hands down the best walking tour I’ve been on.  It costs about $55; that includes lunch.  Check out the video above, it’s exactly how it was in person. Yesterday it was just me and a local journalist on the tour.  Nizaam was a fantastic guide!

TIP: Be sure return another time to Biesmiellah’s, just up Wale Street.  You won’t be hungry after the tour, though!

November update: I’ve been using the spices I purchased at Atlas Trading Co. on the walking tour, but my curry’s still not as good as Faldila’s!  She makes it look so easy!

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