On the Road

I forgot my camera. Left it in Boulder. Damn. So many things to take photos of as I hurled myself across the country. Am in Atlanta. Drove almost 12 hours yesterday, I think. From Denver, CO to Hays, KS Sunday night late… then Hays, KS to Paducah, KY yesterday. Construction so much of the way, and a speeding ticket while I talked to Dad on the cell phone. Funny. Had lunch in Nashville with my cousin Kristen, who’s already been in photos on this blog several times… and took Mufasa to her son’s preschool today. He rolled over so the kids could pet his belly. What a ham!

Am in my aunt’s house in Atlanta now. To the consulate tomorrow a.m. for my visa and then on into FL. Will spend tomorrow night with my Grandmother. So many kinds of thoughts about all this…

1. First, there’s just putting one foot in front of the other; I’m still in shock that I put this all in motion; I’m just moving through it, getting it done.

2. Then there’s noticing the landscape, the country. It’s gorgeous around Chatanooga, TN. There are mountains there. I love the West, though. I’ll never live on the East Coast again. I have a feeling of “home” when I am here. My ancestors have been in the South since the 1600s. It reminds me of road trips with the family when I was a kid, but my adult self chooses the West.

3. I didn’t want to miss my friends again. I didn’t want to miss intimacy, being known and loved. I’d so gotten used to being alone all the time; now I miss my people, my tribe, my friends, the people who know me well. Lori, Joe, Beth… that was fun in CO! I love that you’re all talking about coming to Europe.

4. In the car, I have time to think of poems. That’s rare. I used to write a lot of poetry — like 15 years ago. It’s back. Here are a few that came during the long, long stretch of flat highway we drove…

Kissing Princes
It’s time to be like Jean Luc Picard.
To boldly go
as Buzz Lightyear would say, “to infinity and beyond!”

But for girls adventure waits at home.
“Some day my prince will come” and all that.

I hurdle across the U.S. in my silver metal rocket
and think
there’s no mythology for me.
I kiss princes and they turn into frogs.
I’m quite certain it was supposed to be the other way around.

Harvest Moon
Harvest moon,
fire red,
huge and frightening
over the the 11:30, windswept, Kansas plain.

Something, somewhere must be ending;
it looks apocalyptic.

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  1. Bec–Just checked in to see if we made your blog–yay! We loved seeing you…Clark couldn’t wait to tell Harrison that HE got to see you (little brothers don’t often get to have big news)! I think I might find checking this an addiction…
    PS–Sean got all stuffy while on the computer and asked if Mufasa was in the house…eek…I, of course, lied and told him that he was only in for a small bit.

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