Coffee with Cardamom

spice shop coffee roaster

We left Jordan a week ago.

This morning I longed for a tiny (thimble-sized almost) cup of steaming hot, powdery-at-the-bottom coffee with cardamom like we had there.

spice shop 1

Some of the gang I was with in Jordan bought coffee as a souvenir from a spice shop in downtown Amman. I, ever the hypoglycemic, was thinking about maintaining blood sugar levels throughout the week and bought a bag of the best lightly salted, freshly roasted peanuts I have ever eaten. They were delicious, but oh my kingdom for the coffee now.

spice shop 2

Actually, it’s not just the coffee I want. I’d like to go back there with that gang at a more leisurely pace. Or even to call a do-over and relax the way men there linger on street corners, in open fields, in cafés filled with the scent of fruit-flavored tabacco from the argileh pipes and tiny cups of coffee with cardamom.

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  1. C, I just made hummus for dinner. I’m not kidding. It wasn’t as good as in Jordan… and the company was lousy compared to you!

  2. Mmm coffee… I felt the same way about the coffee in Cairo after we got back to Zurich. Even though we have a few brikis at home, we never could quite recapture the Cairo flavor.

  3. Well we did buy the coffee, and I have no idea how to prepare it! It is Turkish, and requires a small pot or the like.
    I wish we had our time again too, lingering like two weeks worth instead! A week was too fast. Alas we all met so that is wonderful. So glad about that. We had such a great group.

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