Complete Chaos

I can’t take a picture of the way I feel. I’m juggling four classes I’ve never taught, creating the student newspaper, committee meetings beyond anything I could ever imagine, sleeping on a mattress on a floor (with dusty sheets that arrived from Idaho — even Mufasa was happy to see them — he curled right up on a comforter he knows he’s not allowed to sleep on). I can’t get my cell phone to receive calls. I don’t know how to get a phone in my house.

I returned the rental car today and bought another car last night. They’re delivering it today — only it’s a stick, so I’m going to have to get someone else to move it from in front of the school and teach me how to drive it. Hopefully tonight.

Life is going way too fast. I am more flustered than I’ve ever been. Soon, I know, this will all settle… my phones will work, I’ll drive my cute car around… I look good in my clothes that arrived, so at least there’s that!

Mufasa is totally fed up with me. Today I went out to clean the rental car, leaving him in the apartment for about five minutes. When I got back, he’d been up on the kitchen counter, gotten a long, intact baguette and carried the whole lovely loaf down to the downstairs entryway. He laid it, without leaving any marks in it, in the middle of the front hallway floor. I think he was about to eat it when I walked in.

This weekend I will take Sunday off and take him hiking up a mountain. I will cultivate calm and peace and papers graded ready to return.

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