Crows’ Feet

I have crows’ feet.
I’m pretty sure they’re new.
Like… this year, for sure.

At first I only noticed them every now and then in the mirror, not in photos… then I saw this series taken on the shore of the Bosphorous in Istanbul a couple weeks ago.


There they are… crows’ feet.
You can’t see them so well when I shrink the photos, thank heavens.

I’m not sure what they mean… but every interpretation I’ve come up with is not good.

It didn’t help the other night when Maggie, bless her sweet 23-year-old soul, blurted out, “You don’t look that old!”

No matter how you cut it, your own name and “that old” don’t sound so good together.

Just something to ponder…

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  1. Crows feet are a sign of life well-lived; of much laughter and sunshine.
    On the other hand, my increasingly droopy jowls and pouchy eyes make me feel “that old” LOL !

  2. I think they mean we laugh a lot! Wait until you see snow white white little hairs in your eyebrows like I did this week!!!!
    Oh, such trials-and in Bosphorous of all places!

  3. SWIRLY! How are you? Letha, Marianne, Lisa F-E and I were all together this weekend and wished you were there, bella! I will have to check your fb page for more info on your doings and to see how big Tilda is getting.

  4. This aging racket is a challenge. Sure I’d love to have the ass I has when I was twenty but there’s nothing else I had then that I’d want now. Think of all the women you know. I bet the coolest ones all have crows feet. Embrace, embrace then pour the wine and unwrap the chocolate…


  5. Crow’s feet?? nah….

    It’s all in self definition… how about feathers? how about loon wings? earned from much mental travel through air, land, underwater…

    I used to to look at each freckle on my face, arms, & shoulders, as a pre-cancerous threat… Now I joke that each one is a tattoo earned during a sunny day that I enjoyed on my bike…

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