Dispatch: Houston

On all my biz trips lately, I’ve made sure I:
1. Did good work.
2. Saw old friends.
3. Got a taste of the local culture.

The local culture part can get especially colorful. In China and the Philippines, course participants shuttled me around to various markets; we haggled with sellers of knock-off bags and wallets. In Manila we sang karaoke and danced our fool heads off.

This week I was just outside Houston, at La Torretta Lake Resort on Lake Conroe, working with oil execs.  What does one do in Texas?

SHOOT THINGS, of course! Saturday afternoon a bunch of us headed on down the road to Creekwood Shooting Sports

Not quite sure why they haul the guns around in strollers, but they do.

guns in strollers

Shooting Skeet2

Snakes hibernate, right?

Shooting Skeet3

Skeet Shoot

Skeet shooting was surprisingly fun (especially when I finally HIT one!). Still, I’d take dancing any day!

Soundtrack: “Texas,” Jackopierce

ADDENDUM: Seems like somewhere in Texas, George W. ought to have something like this set up…

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