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I’m way behind. Finally got my rental contract signed today (Yahoo!). Can’t move in yet, but love the place. It’s big and looks out on a gorgeous villa. A cute Italian guy who works on campus took me to sign it — I wanted him to help me translate. He did. He smokes. I’m reminded of the quote, “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.” Yuck.

Mufasa sprung a nasty growth on his nose in the last few weeks and had something going on with his paw that wouldn’t heal with antibiotics. I found a great veterinary hospital nearby. I took him for an appointment yesterday and he ended up having two surgeries at once and now has stitches in his leg and nose! It was definitely a cultural experience!

They let (made) him go way before they would in the States. As in, he couldn’t stand up and they carried him out to the car on a giant doggie stretcher and dumped him in the back of our rented station wagon! It was harder on us than him — I’m not used to seeing him incapacitated. The anesthesia wore off by this morning. He’s showing his stitches and bandage here. Oh, the drama. I am so glad my Mom is here and we have the rental car.

These are my new advisees (I have more, but these are the new students). We had dinner tonight and got to meet for the first time. They are shiny happy new students, eager to be in school in Switzerland. They’re all from the U.S., but I believe one of them holds a Columbian passport. The tiramisu in the campus grotto was wonderful, Jen, as you said it would be! Note the wine on the table — so different from in the US.

I love this photo, and it’s only slightly alarming that it might be challenging to differentiate between the faculty member and the students.

It’s better now here on campus — I’m dealing more with faculty and academic issues, less with administration. I am happy this time of year; there’s so much promise that comes with a new school year.

I’ve been working, working, working and registration is first thing tomorrow morning, so I’ll be back here all day Saturday and Sunday, too. Classes start Monday. I am eager to get started. This is really beginning to feel like home. I love the combination of the city atmosphere, the American college and the lake.

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  1. MuuuuFaaaaaSaaaaa


    good to see in high def pics the sadness and the sparkle in both your eyes!

    probably a good idea to not date the smoker, I have found the hard way that one can get addicted to nicotiene through dating heavy smokers, you literally, need to kiss to get your nic fix (how gross, and yet, how nice)

    I am tired, procrastinating in a salt lake city coffee shop… not working but more just breathing & waking up… thinking of you in switzerland!!!

    keep on keepin on!!!

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