Dreams Deferred: Feedback wanted!!

OK. It’s getting to be crunch time now in terms of creating what’s next. And I need your collective brainpower — even you folks I don’t know but I know are out there. I’d love to get a conversation started in the comments about this one.

Here’s the thing:

The other night Mom, Dad and I were walking along the lake under the full moon. It was just so beautiful that we threw the dog in the back of the car and drove down there. Seemed like the gelato stand stayed open late just on account of the moon on the water.

So we’re strolling along and an American couple starts ooohing and aaahing over Mufasa, not realizing that we understand every word they say. So I just start talking to them. This happens a lot when we take Mufasa out. I have a regular spiel I give to Americans, “He’s a mutt from the Boulder Humane Society. Part Great Pyrenees, part Collie as far as I can tell.” Blah, blah, blah. This couple, like many couples, was fascinated that we moved here. They said they didn’t think they could do it. This fascinates me. Why not? Some people say, “I have kids.” I think, “So what?” “We have a dog back home too.” So what? Anyone could do this and so many people want to and don’t. And it’s not just moving here. Don’t these people realize they’re gonna DIE and they won’t have done the things they really want to do?

Well, to swallow a bit of my own medicine: What I really want to do is:
1. sing — nothing huge, just regular gigs here in a hotel piano bar. I already know how. I have the voice, the repertoire, the experience, just need a venue and piano player and a work permit. I’ll even do the marketing and bring people in.

2. I want to talk to people about stuff like this, like living their dreams, making things happen — through an Internet radio show, a more public blog, podcasts, training/retreat weekends, a book or three or four… and make my living doing those two things.

Do you have ideas for how to build that?
Even just getting into the hotel piano bars, getting the Web site up, getting the book done seem somehow insurmountable to me. The good news is I did write over 3,000 words today.

What would you pay for and/or want to see or recommend to your friends and family?

Could I pay you or someone you know to come be my agent in the Lugano music scene — get the piano player and the venue? Who do you know who’d be great at that?

Finally, and here’s the doozie… what are your dreams deferred? Why are they on hold? Mine aren’t even for very good reasons. I think maybe it’s just not easy and automatic, or maybe I’m afraid of what’s next after that.

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