Gentilino Villa

This is an excerpt from an e-mail I received from my new Dean (in Switzerland) today:

I should also mention that there is a beautiful apartment in a restored villa in my neighborhood in the historic part of Gentilino. It has exposed wooden beams, white walls and beautiful detailing. It is currently occupied by …our marketing professor who will be returning to the US this summer. I believe he would also be in a position to sell some furniture and assorted odds and ends. It rents for 1650 CHF per month that includes a garage and washer/dryer. It’s just a 10 minute walk from campus. He also has a snappy Peugeot hardtop convertible that is about 4 years old but looks virtually new. I don’t know what his asking price is but I’ll follow up on that if you’re interested.

HA! I am thoroughly distracted from grading finals and teaching summer school. Many people are already booking visits — and I don’t yet know where I’ll live. I am so happy. I have no doubts about this decision, even though it may not be a forever thing. The question is: When are you coming to visit?

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