Guest post by Mufasa

28 Sep 2007

I am Mufasa, and this is my guest blog post.

It’s about time I got my own post. I should have my own blog by now. I probably have the wildest adventures of any dog you know, but this will have to do.

For a snapshot of our lives, I thought I’d tell you about last Sunday.
It was pretty good, as far as dog days go.

The new man who lives here doesn’t work on Sundays, so we go on adventures – road trips and whatnot. I like him.

Sometimes I am accosted by onlookers. It can be tough for a dog of such dimension to maintain his dignity. Sometimes I have to turn my back on my pack, no matter what they’re doing. Sometimes I even have to strike a pose that says, “No more pictures.” Like this one.
The darnedest thing is that just when I think I’ve got my whole regal and refined routine nailed, somebody pulls out food and drooling gets the best of me. Sort of like it did here. You can click on the photo to see what I mean better (if you must).

I ask you, though, do you really think he needed that last piece of melon? I could have at least gnawed on the rind a little.

We all got in the car and went for a road trip/picnic/Italian adventure… turns out Lago Maggiore is just minutes west of us and we’d never even been there. We crossed the border a couple of times as we drove up its eastern shore, stopping for a picnic just north of Luino. It was fun and warm.
Since then it’s gotten cold and rainy. They’ve even turned the heat on in the house now, and for these frugal Swiss people that means it’s cold.

This afternoon was pretty good, too. We all three went into downtown Lugano, walked all the way across town along the lake through the big park, and then went inside Mom’s favorite pastry and coffee shop, definitely the fanciest one I’ve ever seen. I felt a little out of place there. The waiters were nice, though. The marble floor was cold, so it worked out okay. I behaved myself.

That’s a little of what’s happening here. More soon, I’m sure. Happy trails and many treats to you!

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1 Anonymous 04 Oct 2007 at 14:40

Testimony it truly is a “Dog’s Life”

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