What’s your Manifesto? Who are your peeps?

Saw this manifesto (below) on facebook. Am running across more and more of these lately. Planning to make one for XpatAdventures, and one for myself, too. They might be a little different…


Have been working in Manila for the past week… far from home, long days, out of communication with all my peeps. It’s not lonely, but I realize how difficult it is to build friendships and maintain relationships when I’m on the road this much. There’s no one home waiting for me. No book club I’m missing, no girlfriends having brunch. Life has become so transient. I miss my dog… and wonder who my community is. I long for deeper connections.

THEN I saw on facebook that Michaela, who lives in Washington and is from Germany, is staying in the very same hotel I am here! Such a small world! We haven’t seen each other in a couple years, and had a nice afternoon catching up yesterday. A client wants me to go to North America in two weeks and I think I’ll get to see a whole group of old friends. In Bangkok week before last, spent time with two folks from primary and secondary school in Florida:

PV 88 Bangkok

These Holstee people think like me. The events in Egypt made me feel solidarity with every person standing for Freedom of Expression there. I am so proud today to know Mona Eltahawy.

If you’re here, we are connected, aren’t we? So you are my peeps, I’m sending you love and light from Manila today. Thanks for being you, and being here.

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  1. We sponsor a child in Manila- I hope someday to visit him, we’ve shared letters with him for the past 6 years, it’s amazing what bonding can happen even when we’re so far away! Enjoy your trip.

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