I can’t believe I live here.

It’s been raining and I’ve been so overwhelmed with school and life that partly it’s just been head-above-water time. Mufasa got his first tick and had an allergic reaction. We’ve been at the vet an awful lot in the last few weeks.

…Then the clouds parted yesterday and the sun shone and it was Saturday and I suddenly had a series of, “I can’t believe I live here” moments. Mufasa and I walked along the lido this afternoon. I love that the clouds do this thing they’re doing here… the little wisps half-way down the mountainside. If you click on the image you can see it larger. It was actually sunnier than it looks.

I’m designing a travel course for Spring semester (on the culture and history of the Deep South) that involves going to the National Civil Rights Museum, the Grand Ole Opry, and Dreamland Barbeque.

And so this is my life now. I love the students.

Chocolate and coffee are their own food groups. Here are three varieties of chocolate from my last shopping trip: a dark choclate bar that was on sale (It had over 70% cocoa and crushed cocoa beans inside, too. I ate the whole thing already. I still fit in my size 4 jeans, so it’s okay…), ever-present Nutella and crazy-yummy Swiss dark chocolate hot cocoa mix (YUM!).

I still can’t move in yet, but I’m loading furniture into the garage. Having a key is real progress. I go over just to walk around and imagine what it will look like in a couple of weeks. I’m buying furniture and test drove a funny, little bitty car yesterday.

There’s an old woman who lives in the building. She doesn’t speak any English, but I’ve understood that she wants to help with my laundry when I move in. I hope she can cook. I’d like for her to teach me how to make new Italian dishes…

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  1. beautiful pics!

    how many blogs can legitimately combine pics of swiss mountains & nutella seemlessly! I ask!!

    really, you live in a gorgeous place…

    keep on keeping on & take no prisoners!!

    (unless he is REALLY nice, cute, & likes handcuffs)

  2. I can’t believe you live there either……*sigh*

    Can’t wait to visit.

    I love the way you lined up the chocolate and took a picture! You are fabulous!

  3. Oh my goodness girl I cannot wait to come VISIT you!! And *yum* the chocolate.

    Thank you so much for your faithful positive comments on my blog. I hope you know how much it means to me. It’s been a rough time lately, um as in the last year. I know when you were here your last year(s) were tough so I appreciate that you always send love my way.

    Oh and I’ve been meaning to ask you would you send me your code that you use to post your pictures with the text to the left or right? They line up so nicely and mine just don’t look right!

    Again I am just so happy that you have Mufasa with you, that faithful companion that he is. Truly you inspire me to consider some adventure like this for myself. I just have to figure out doing WHAT? Something artistic and creative for sure… a little more balance with the admin/organization/leader side of me you know? Time to throw some color and flair into my 9-to-5!!

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