I ran away…

I have been a very, very bad blogger.

I ran away to a Greek isle.

I’m not kidding — I really did. For a week! Who gets to actually say something like that!? HA! What a life I lead!

We ate dinner in a restaurant that was really just a simple whitewashed home on the shoreline. The old man had long white hair and a hairy back. I know because he cooks and serves dinner in a big blue apron and his speedo. The next morning I saw him catching the day’s fish and calamari in the half moon bay where we were staying. He slammed things on a rock to kill or clean them, and I thought that was probably how it’s been done for centuries.

We skinny dipped at midnight on Elia beach, howling and declaring our intentions for the full moon. I’d printed out this description of the full moon in Aries (I got it through Helen’s blog) and read these parts out loud:

It is time to lighten up and celebrate the cheerier side of life. Fun and adventure are good overall themes for any ritual celebration on the Full Moon in Aries. Aires rules new beginnings. The Aries Full Moon is the best Full Moon to put some concrete action behind a desire to begin anew! So if you [have been] looking deeply at your inner motivations and/or your unhealthy lifestyle choices, and have decided to make some adjustments, this is the best Full Moon to take a leap of faith and release your desire for a new beginning to the universe.

On an Aries Full Moon your intention is best released with these qualities in mind: spontaneity, wonderment, curiosity, adventurousness and innocence. There are few times in an adult life when we can begin anew without dragging along our past pain, fear and worries. But this is the Full Moon to strive for releasing your intention with childlike hopefulness and inner faith. Know that what comes from your strong intention will be evolutionary, supportive and… well, a big adventure! So smile and let it fly!

One guy said he intended that he would skinny dip in the moonlight every year for the rest of his life! HA!

I sang one night, too! A duet, “Baby it’s cold outside,” which was funny because it was summer all over agian and I got tan in the bathing suit I’m wearing in the profile photo here.

I danced with a Greek man who can do all the jumping and slapping traditional Greek dances you see in the movies. He was there our last night with another old guy who looked like Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea.

We stayed at the Imperial Myconian. I would go back, though the rooms aren’t great. The view was incredible, the pools were beautiful, the food was plentiful and it was soooooooooooooooooooo relaxing.

I leave Sunday for Paris with 24 students. It won’t be as relaxing, but that is absolutely not a complaint! Hope all is well with you.

Fall has arrived in Lugano and the nights are very cool. Mufasa and I both like that.

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  1. My, what a wonderful place (or places)you have put yourself in! Life is meant to enjoy and I do believe you have found the secret!

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