just something I’m thinking about…

Mom, don’t freak out when you read this. It’s just something I’m thinking about.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for about a year, like in a far-off, if-life-had-happened-differently kind-of way, but I realize now there’s no reason not to just explore this idea.

When I was in Idaho, I started teaching Media Law. I taught in the courtroom. I was scared to teach law at first, because though I had a backgound in policy and regulation, I didn’t know anything about media law torts, etc. I liked it, though, and it makes easy sense to me.

Then Chuck Brown came to visit. Chuck Brown is this lanky, 50-something, unassuming lawyer who happened upon a First Amendment case right out of the University of Idaho law school and has never lost in a courtroom in his 20 or so odd years. Now media outlets all over the U.S. call him if they’ve been sued. He flies in and helps them out. He tells hysterical stories about things he does in the courtroom — but they’re only funny if you know all the legal jargon, so I’ll spare you here.

He was great to watch, and I am still using his examples and mannerisms and ideas and cases.

And I think about law school.

Lately, a lot.

I could be a freedom of expression, media law expert — in Europe. Or for global media conglomerates… like Disney.

It’s just an idea for now. I know I could get into European law schools — I’ve already investigated that. I know I could get a longer-term visa if I chose to do this.

I know this College is too small for me for forever.
I know I love the *idea* of going back to school.
I think maybe I could work part-time as a legal consultant and make more money than I do now.

So I am just in an inquiry about this…
inquiries are fun.

And I like all the letters after my name.

HA! I am kidding — I soooo don’t care about that.

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  1. Know what? I can SEE it, and very easily. You have an exceptionally smart mind and the energy to really do it. You go. But before you do, schedule a session with Carolyn Ford (link on my human design site). It’ll help with ANYTHING and everything to do with how to expend your energy.

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