Le lingue (Languages)

Back in Lugano it is hot again. On a walk through downtown this week I heard tourist children whining to their mothers, “It’s hooooot,” in at least three different languages.
I start an intensive Italian class first thing Monday morning — my first course since I arrived nearly two years ago. I’m a little bit worried about being in school again, mostly about having to get up and out and down into downtown with my homework complete by 9 a.m. every day!

And another thing. We didn’t so much like our French teacher in high school, Judy Stratton. When I say we I mean pretty much all of us. We took the AP exam in a nearby church. To enter the building, we had to walk under a garden archway that read, “Enter and Pray.” My friends Carrie and Joe made a t-shirt for me with a photo of that. Funny.

All of this is to say that we didn’t like her then, but I am so glad for Judy Stratton now. My French is great even after all these years. I think I’ll take a French class after Italian. My goal is to be able to put on my résumé that I speak English, French and Italian. I’d forgotten that long-ago goal. Where did it get lost? No matter, lately my experience is like, “Aah, yes! This is the life I meant to lead when I grew up!”

How cool is that? What are your long-ago forgotten goals, the things you wanted to be when you grew up that you dropped somewhere along the way? Are there any you’d reclaim today?

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