Leaving Home, Part 5401

I was one of those kids who left home at 18 and went far, far away. On purpose. Not to escape. Not  for any other reason I can think of now, in fact, except to GO. To see. To Live. To experience the world. I always said I could NEVER, wouldn’t EVER move back to Florida.

And now, 20+ years later, after seeing South Africa, Nepal & India, mainland China, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Belgium, Hong Kong, driving across the US multiple times, living on two continents, and so, so much more, I find myself wondering what living in Florida would be like now. I find myself valuing time with lifelong friends and family so much. The things I long for on vacation are things I loved when I was a kid: waterskiing, white sandy beaches, flaky white fish. What if I could have them every day?

On the downside, public transportation is almost nonexistent. Schools are underfunded and crime is shocking. A significant percentage of the population does not share my values and politics. Houses are lovely and affordable, though, and I could sea kayak every day. Oh, the trade-offs.

I’ve heard of expats returning home 15, 20, 35 years later. As I board a plane leaving Florida today, I wonder what that would be like…




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  1. Just do not look to the future so much that you miss the “moment”!
    Savor the old fescoed buildings, the roses, geraniums, grapes starting to pop, great pizza while you can get it, and the gelato

  2. I am not a firm believer that those around you need to share your politics, but shared values are important. Surely there are pockets containing niche neighbourhoods, like any place in the world, that house those whom you’d resonate with!

    Rebecca I’m sure you’d be happy wherever you could eat. Really. Find a place with great food and you’ll find your home. 🙂

    LOL! (Said with the utmost respect. Dear readers Rebecca is a twig. She eats enough for an army and yet strangely she gains nothing.)

  3. I think the guy in the third picture above says it all-ROFL. I kind of think that where ever you land this time is likely to be as long-lived as any of the other places i.e. as long as you like it or it serves you. Nothing lost in trying it. Lots of folk think FL is the best place on the planet. Miss seeing you…will start agitating my mind about meeting up with you somewhere. Love Lori

  4. What if you could have those things every day? You might just be happy. We change and sometimes we find that the things we loved when we were kids are still the things we love, despite the lives we’ve led. Follow your heart (and your stomach, as Gillian said.)

  5. I left home at 18 too and I experienced the same feelings in my 40s. That’s why I bought my cottage in Yorkshire. Handled the yearning for roots/nostalgia for the familiar, spending some time with family – without living there full-time (you can never go “home”) Now I have the best of both worlds…

  6. Oh, such juicy thoughts and explorations! Of course I love the idea of you living in the states, where you are closer to California!

  7. Hello, all! Thank you for all your comments and being faithful readers even when I have not been as faithful a blogger. The world is our oyster, isn’t it?! Florida is one of a million possibilities…

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