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I haven’t mentioned this publicly, though you may have gathered something big’s afoot… I’m leaving Lugano. In 10 weeks. Maybe you’re wondering…”Where are you going, Rebecca?” And that, dear readers, is a Very. Good. Question.

I have no idea.

It’s been time to leave here for years, though. Friends, family, work – none of them are here. Perfect renters need the apartment now, so here I go. This is an opportunity worth taking.

Perhaps I’ve perfected the wandering art form, or thrown myself into Buddhist practice, or, I don’t know… something… by renting my apartment to a lovely young family before I’ve made plans for another one. I have work trips, friends, some ideas about what to do next, places I’d like to see… and there’s the European Summit happening in October so you know where to find me. Other than that, I am adopting Radical Simplicity in a way even I never imagined.

In the past I would have worried like mad over this and needed some kind of plan… not a full-blown itinerary like some people would want, but something, for heaven’s sake.

For some reason I’m remarkably calm.

It helps to have one’s debt paid off.

The truth is, recent events have blown me open in a raw and basic way (If you are new here, I am a PhD-holding serious businesswoman not usually prone to New Age jargon. We will return to our normal programming shortly. Bear with me while I have my little Buddhist awakening, ok?).

Not sure where I want to live, I think I might just travel for a while. Could I come check out what it’s like to live in your city?

Thank God Mom loves the dog. He’ll appreciate her air conditioning. Thanks, Mom.

I’m not sure what else to say about that right now… let me just tell you, people, so far being 40 has been FULL of surprises!

And, once again, Adventure Awaits!

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  1. You are always welcome in Santa Cruz as well! I wish you well, my friend, we all know that you will land on your feet and will have an amazing story to tell us about how you got to the next perfect spot for you. I’m thinking of you.

  2. Hey, thanks so much! I may just take you up on those offers — NO IDEA yet.

  3. I have goosebumps, and I love that you are taking the leap into such an extraordinary adventure. You always have a nest in Santa Monica, my dear.

  4. Bet it will be a nice place!! I need an escape route.
    + Mufasa will tire of Sarasota!

  5. Donna and Swirly, As I think about what to do and where to go once I leave here, seeing you guys is high on my list. What’s the best time of year for coastal California, in your opinion? Donna – I didn’t realize you lived in Santa Cruz!
    Helen, would love to talk. Let’s Skype and catch up!
    MOM – I will find a good place.
    Cheryl, THANK YOU! In October before the Summit I may take you up on that!

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