Long time gone

Long time gone again. It’s been over a week. It’s like time has sped up here — we are moving at a faster speed, and it is we now and not just me.

This week we’ve:

– (I’ve) spent 15 hours in Italian classes
– spent a great night at the Hotel Rotshou (beware, the site has funny sounds when opened)on Lake Lucerne — ate the best meal I’ve had in a long time
– went up the famous mountain, the Rigi Kulm, in an antique steam funicular with Stefan’s parents and Mufasa (this was incredible)
– explored our first potential town for moving, Zug (loooooved the old town on the lake) and drove the eastern length of Lake Lucerne. We’ve decided this year will be devoted to exploring like this — fun!
– unpacked, unpacked, unpacked boxes
– ate pizza at Bella Vista, where pizza is an art form
– got Stefan a new desk at IKEA and he set it up
– I flew to Geneva on Monday and took the train to Vevey where I interviewed at Nestle’s global headquarters. Had another interview on the phone today.

oh… and Stefan’s working full-time from home.

That’s just the highlights.

Flying out of Lugano is one of life’s great treasures. You lift off in a little prop jet and head right over Lake Como if you are heading east, Lago Maggiore if you are going west. There are mountains in every direction. It rained on Monday and the clouds hung low and tight on the hillsides. Coming home, we took off from Geneva at sunset. It was sunny on the ground; there was a thin layer of perfectly white cloud cover. We broke through and it was like a straight carpet right below the belly of the plane. The top of a HUGE mountain (Mont Blanc?) loomed alone just to the south. The sun shone on it all pink… a few minutes later it was the same thing with the Matterhorn and three other peaks near it — their tops poked right through the clouds and were all lit up by the sunset. Magnificent. If ever you can fly within Switzerland, do it. It is a sight to behold.

That’s the update from here. More to come, I promise…

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  1. You had another interview with Nestle? What happened? I crave chocolately news.

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