Meeting a Superhero at BlogHer

In early 2005 when I started blogging, two of my friends had blogroll links to Superhero Andrea Scher.  I thought Katia was friends with her.  Turns out Katia didn’t know her. I fell in love with her blog, her jewelry, her little boy who sings and dances! And I’m not the only one.  I think in the blogosphere, Andrea Scher is like a rock star or something.

Well, I got to finally meet Andrea at BlogHer in Chicago and instantly discovered something about her that made me adore her and her blog even more.  It went like this:

After we exchanged greetings, I somehow worked in my new, pretty photo blog business cards from Moo (thinking, “This is stupid. You’re not a real photographer like she is. Thank God for Stefan’s beautiful photos worked in here…”)

I mentioned Venice, Italy… either the card she took was from Venice or that everybody took the iconic ones first, like the woman talking on her cell phone in the gondola in Venice.

“I lived in Venice…”

“Oh!  The best gelato in the world isn’t in Rome or Florence, it’s in Venice…”

“Yeah! In Campo Santa Margherita…”

I have never, ever met anyone who knows my all-time world’s favorite gelato joint, way off the beaten path in Venice.  If it had been a date I’d have decided we were perfect for each other. And then invited her for gelato. In Venice.

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  1. I never met anyone else who knows about that gelateria in Venice. Now I discover thay you and Andrea know about it. We must form a secret Venetian gelato admirers society. UhOh, secrets out now… My favourite flavour was zabaglione.

  2. Let’s go there, have a tasting event with all the flavors, take great photos, write about it, etc.
    We could rent a villa and have a workshop… that would be fun!
    Have a good vacation.
    Ciao bella!

  3. I know about it too because Rebecca and I were together when we discovered it. To look at a picture of those mounds of gelato and imagine that creamy perfection is what travel is about!! I like stracciatella.
    Rebecca’s Mom

  4. You are on – I visited Venezia in January – very atmospheric. I’d like to see it in another season.

    May be getting my favourite flavours/cities mixed up: I think zabaglione was Florence, Parma was definitely dark chocolate. Venice was chocolate too. Just waiting for Pierre Marcolini to create some in Brussels now…

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