More from the Munich Markets

Oh goodness… it’s been a long time again. Blogger wasn’t working… so I still have photos from the weekend in Munich!

We went to three different markets … two within Munich and one in a small, painted Bavarian village called Bad Tolz.

So let me introduce you to the rustic Bavarian delicacies from the Christmas markets. We had these things… hot from the oven — fresh baked dough like bread, smeared with a creamy cheese, topped with chopped speck (like ham) and green onions. YUM!

I loved the little Bavarian houses that were actually little market carts wheeled in just for the occasion. It was funny that those types of things that seemed so lovely and special to me Stefan didn’t even notice, because they are so normal to him!

Stefan has told me over and over again what the bread things are called (maybe something like flombrot?), but when he speaks German the sounds are usually so foreign to me, I can’t imagine how they spell the words he’s saying. There are some words I’m learning (genau = “Exactly!”, erlich = “Really?”, Es schon hier… I don’t know how you spell it, but I can say, “It’s beautiful here.” and the ever-handy, “Das ist gut.” “This is good!”)

This is Stefan’s friend Andreas having gluhwein and bratwurst at the market in Bad Tolz. I loved his Bavarian coat, too… it was all too perfect to be real, the painted buildings look straight out of Disney World, don’t they… only it was very definitely real every bit of it.

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  1. Oh, I have always wanted to visit a German Christmas market! Loved sharing it through your photos and words. Thanks.


  2. Hey Rebecca!

    I dont know if you remember a hispanic freshman tenor sax player (not the cuban baritone!) or not…but if you do remember Daniel Bauerkemper, I hope to catch up to you. You were the singer for the Admirals (my personal favorite) and I was just coming in to the band…..
    It is good to see that you seem to be doing well. I hope to hear from you soon…

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love seeing the sights of Bavaria (a favorite place I visited in ’86 and ’96) at Christmas! Jennie P / PV88

  4. Lovely. It seems just how Christmas should be. Magical and delicious.

    I have very close family in Germany (Stuttgart) so I say ‘genau’ too. I also curse a lot in German. It just comes out that way naturally. It’s a good language for cursing, don’t you think?

  5. good language for cursing … hmmmm 😉

    ok, let me get the spelling straight here:
    ehrlich = “Really” (that’s one of its meanings, and the ‘h’ after ‘e’ makes it a long ‘e’).

    Es ist schoen hier… = “It’s beautiful here.”


    … oh, and it’s Flammbrot … Flame bread (translated literally).

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