Back in Moscow after time with family in FL… and now it is down to nuts and bolts of moving. At first I thought, “There’s little that’s poetic about packing boxes, alerting the utilities company, making sure I have temporary health insurance, filling out a change of address form at the post office…” I notice, though, that I used to worry a lot and I just don’t do that anymore. That’s one of the main things I got out of The Landmark Forum. Life is so much more peaceful now. I notice the poetry and beauty around me so much more. Today I noticed how huge the lavender along the side of my house grew in my brief absence. Beauty abounds.

Mufasa update: I found out that unlike other airlines, Continental will fly dogs in the summer because they use air conditioned facilties. Mufasa and I both will fly from Atlanta on August 9. It’s amazing how once I found the right path, everything is just falling into place.

Late at night before I sleep, I’ve been reading travel books on all the things to do near my new home. There are several ancient Italian towns along the lake — Morcote, Gandria. I will take ferries to them. I look forward to it. I also look forward to finding someone to hike with hut to hut. Switzerland has a great hut system with chefs in the huts! What fun. Hope you’ll join me!

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