My first blog post

Today I feel far away and disconnected from everyone I know and love. What a treat when H sent her blog link and I saw so many women have blogs! I had no idea! I can stay connected! I can see their babies grow up! It’s not like Girls Afternoon at the Teahouse or our old Writing Group, but these sure are a lot of fun!

I absolutely know that leaving the life I was in was the right thing and I have no doubts and I don’t look back at my marriage, but leaving friends and the Little Man is still unfathomable to me — like I can’t believe I did it.

Thankfully, I am busy here. My students are funny. We learn and talk and grow and have a good time.

I know that my life is not here… adventure awaits me. I will move either to Park City, Utah or Lugano, Switzerland this summer. If some other great opportunity arises, I may still revise that plan. I always thought that by this point in my life I should have settled down, but settling down shouldn’t mean settling. So off I go again to be more fully me. Adventure awaits!

I move forward, and miss many of the people in the past. I hope they’ll come visit when I live in an upscale resort town.

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  1. Good luck with your new blog. It’s a good way to keep busy! I just started mine almost two months ago.

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