My Friends, the Superheroes

I’ve haven’t talked about it here much this year… the 2010 Summit was fabulous and so much more relaxed for me. It was nice to have time to spend with Mona Eltahawy, Lisa Field-Elliott, and so many more of the fab folks who came all the way to Amsterdam for it. Here are a few of the superheroes there:

Esra’a Al Shafei (not pictured here) could totally get away with wearing a cape, IMHO. She’s that cool.

Stacey should get to dance more because in addition to co-founding EpicChange she’s got wicked moves on the dance floor.


In some past life, Letha must’ve been a French intellectual or something very, very deep. She’s doing a genius job of combining market strategies and capacity-building with raising awareness of cancer and bringing chemo to kids in Africa.


Marianne’s like a guru among us. This year she’s written a memoir called Zen Under Fire: Learning to Sit Still in AfghanistanMama Lucy feeds and educates hundreds of kids every day.


And Maggie? Maggie’s like sunshine in human form.


Ania’s actually made of steel… she’s climbed the highest peak on 7 continents. In days off from her hobby – working at a very large, well known bank.


Ronald makes the impossible possible, including remarkable events like discos for deaf communities.


I love keeping such company. Please support their work.

One of the things that interests me about the Summit is the kinds of things these people need. Have you seen Nick Kristof’s cover article in the New York Times magazine about Maggie (and others like her) this week? He’s called it DIY Aid. I don’t really like the term, but the trend is fascinating — more and more people are individually (at first) taking on poverty alleviation, clean drinking water, education, whatever passion for making the world a better place calls them…

They need support. They need funds. They also need friendship, comraderie, to blow off a little steam. They need networks and to work together. At the Summit, we are beginning to facilitate all of that. This is my way of supporting them, and I am starting to make friends with some of these fine folks. You can, too. Join us next year 7 – 9 October in Amsterdam!

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  1. I’ve gobbled up everything I could find about this – including the DIY article. You are doing great work – finding the people to support is half of the struggle, communicating it to others handles this – thanks for a job well done. Lori

  2. We sat in the office yesterady reading about the work of all these people + your passion to gather them together. I recall the early Teen Court days when I sat alone with no one to call who understood what we were trying to accomplish. As the programs spread and more people got involved the enthusiasm was contagious. You are creating that same type of opportunity for people to create, share, and learn-’tis indeed exciting.

  3. And you too, girlfriend! Loved the Brave & Messy work.More photos of Tilda, please… 😉 How are you?

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