My People @ Home (Colorado)

I got an e-mail yesterday from Mark who is the biz manager for my buddies FACE, some of whom used to be in Extreme Measures. (We started ten years ago next summer!) I love their new blog space. I love that I can sit at my desk and work and listen to Joe and Ben and Forest and the gang and that I know them so well I know each of their voices. I love little things in the music, like Ben’s “Heal…” as they move into the bridge (or is it the chorus?) on Sexual Healing, the Marvin Gaye classic. Forest’s bass line in the beginning is just moving, as is the beginning of River Runs Slow.

It’s beautiful and makes me happy and sad all at once. I miss my people. I miss being able to sit with Wendy or Lori or Beth or Ruthie or Laurie or Cathy, Sarah, Merrilee… over beers or coffee or dinner and catch up. I miss their laughter and their love… and getting to see their babies grow up.

It’s beautiful here and my life is here, but god I miss home. Someone else I know who is recently divorced wrote to me last night, “Sometimes I think, ‘Did I really mean to just leave everything…?!'”

I wrote a post a couple of nights ago about the same thing. I needed to leave. I know I did. But I miss my people.

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  1. We miss you too, Becky. Just a few more months, and we’ll get to celebrate ten years of fun and friendship!! I can’t wait!!

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