Nepal & India

Here are a handful of highlights from our trip to Nepal and India.

We don’t have photos of many of the places and people who made it a spectacular trip. Thanks Ritu, for meeting us!

The Indian School of Business was an impressive facility chock full of bright, friendly people.  We were moved by Mother Theresa’s convent in Calcutta and stayed in our new favorite hotel on the planet there; the Oberoi Grand.

Stefan took almost all the photos… enjoy!

Nepal & India, March 2009 from Rebecca Self on Vimeo.


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  1. The more I watch this the more I appreciaaaate good, fresh water.
    What an amazing place it must be.

  2. Absolutely brilliant video. Stefan has a rather good acumen for photography and I loved the idea of making photo video with voice over. I liked it.
    I must say though, few pictures especially of garbage and few depicting poverty didn’t fit there well. Another video depicting ‘life’ is possible.

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