Note from a former student

My wonderful Dean at the University of Idaho, Kenton Bird, once told me that he could still see the effects of my short time there even years after I was gone.  I taught at the University of Idaho for one full year (Fall, Spring and two summer sessions) in 2004/2005.  I received this email from a student there today, over four years later…

I am starting law school because of your class. You opened my eyes so much to the world …  I wanted a chance to thank you again for being a great teacher. I took 2 years off from school because we had an amazing baby boy, but I am now ready… I am a former marine and I am not scared of this challenge, but you made me BELIEVE in Justice. Thanks again, Chris

I miss teaching.  I miss making this kind of difference.  We make a difference in one of the courses we lead for a client corp., but we don’t have the time and ongoing connection to make a lasting change… I’m so happy to continue to receive this kind of note.

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