Off the Grid…

I told someone the other day the flight between Denver & London wasn’t far and really meant it. “I was surprised – it’s only 8 hours and 50 minutes,” I said. That should tell you something.

That person looked at me blankly. I’d ended the conversation.

It didn’t really make sense to say, “Well, over 13 hours is long for me now. There’s something about that 12:45 mark that makes my knees stiffen up and my hips feel like they’re going to need a while to recover. Clients don’t fly me Business class since the recession hit years ago.” Come to think of it, that doesn’t really work for me for flights over 10 hours.

There are so many snippets to share with you, tales to tell. We left off in Botswana nearly a month ago. There are tales now of singing old American jazz standards with a spry Zambian piano player probably in his 70s, of a wild traditional massage in the Hong Kong airport, of feeding baby panda bears in Chengdu, of seeing John Travolta & Perter Horton (not together) in Santa Monica (& Kelly Preston & Sally Field & I was only there a couple days). Of a delightful couple days with SwirlyGirl Christine. I spent a couple nights with my 95-year-old Mema, a real treat, and then landed in Colorado where old friends pampered me til I sadly said goodbye and ran off back to the airport on the 4th of July.

All those stories and more coming soon… some with photos, others with travel tips including the best room service hamburger I have ever eaten and you know how I’m a fan of those! In a couple days I’m off to TED Global and may not be blogging again for a while, so this is just a heads up.

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