Official End of Summer

We all got through the first week of school. It’s great to be back in the classroom, but this means summer’s officially over. There are things I never got around to blogging about, at least not enough… arriving in Wengen, Switzerland just in time for the annual town festival, white water rafting with my friends from the College… the Aspen Writer’s Conference, early in the summer, and meeting with the agents and editors there; what it’s like to fall in love again.

I was telling Mom the other day that it’s like my life is a do-over — that’s really how the divorce feels now to me. It hurt so badly for a while there, but now I am joyous and feel a freedom I didn’t have before. It also feels like a responsibility to myself to stay truer to me this time around. That’s a good kind of responsibility.

In this month’s Oprah magazine, there’s a poem by Dawna Markova. I love it and intend to live it every day… to explore and risk, to play and slough off significance like a shedding skin…

It also reminds me that every day I’ve been thinking I need to take my camera along on my morning walk with Mufasa so you can see the grapes and prunes, sunflowers and squash all growing wild and unruly in the neighborhood. It’s beautiful.

Every day is a do-over, you know. What will you do with yours?

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  1. Reb:

    I have that poem from Oprah magazine taped next to my desk at Joe’s office! I love that the same things from the magazine always grab us. How cool.

    LOVE it.


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