One Lucky Dog

It became clear to me recently that Mufasa needs more to think about; this is a dog who needs a job. I wish I could let him run around and dig and play in the yard, but I can’t. So I went hunting for something for him to do and discovered this great toy. He had something like it in Colorado, but this is better. This ball is made of hard plastic. You can fill it with dog kibble and it has a small hole. He’s figured out how to open the hole wider by licking and licking til it turns. Then he rolls it around with his nose and it doles out food to him. It also makes a squeaky noise as it rolls. When I first got it he’d hit it with his paw and it’d go flying across the whole length of the living room. Now it’s more of a precision maneuver; he doesn’t want it to roll under the couch. He can also put the whole thing in his mouth, which is great for when he knocks it down the stairs. He goes and gets it and brings it back up again. I find this very, very funny… mostly because it’s so big. Can you tell from his face how happy this makes him?

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