One night in Paris

I’ve been on the road a lot lately.  This post is going up halfway round the world from home. (Am in China on biz and will write about that soon, too.)  I thought I’d take the jet lag time (read: can’t sleep) to catch up on recent travels.

Here are a few tips from a recent business trip to Paris.  After the training course in St. Ouen, I treated myself to one night near Notre Dame.  My Mom recommended a small hotel on Ile St Louis, right in the heart of the city. It’s called Hôtel de Lutèce.  Recommendations of this nature are always tricky… this place is small but I loved it.  The rooms are small, it’s not five-star service.  Maybe it’s not your style.  The price is good for the location, though, and I didn’t come for five-star service.

I came for the cheese across the street from the lovely hotel entrance…

Parisian cheese

for a steaming Nutella crepe and a stroll along the Seine…


for happening upon a beautiful nighttime service in Notre Dame…

Notre Dame

and for a wonderful lamb dinner with the lovely Tara Bradford of Paris Parfait at Le Petit Chatelet, right next to the current incarnation of Shakespeare & Company, where I browsed English books to my heart’s content.

Not bad for one evening!

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  1. Sounds delightful ! I hope you are having as much fun in China ! Let’s schedule a call when you areback in Europe…

  2. Oh My—the cheese!
    I am really missing Paris-hope to get over this Winter.
    So glad you loved the hotel—that location is special. There is a wonderful story that Cary Grant called either Hotel Lutece or the Hotel St. Louis to make a reservation and they told him it was a small hotel and probably not what he was used to! He told them it was exactly what he wanted!

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