Pesto Provencal Potato Salad

Going to a BBQ today at my friend Laura’s place. I told her I’d bring potato salad. I am quite pleased with myself as I don’t think I’ve ever made potato salad and this one’s good, so I thought I’d share it with you. Rarely one to use a cookbook, here is what I did: as the lovely little potatoes boiled, I made a classic dijon salad dressing. Little mustard in the bowl, whisk it with lots of good olive oil, then I started playing — a little white vinegar, a little balsamic, sea salt, lots of fresh ground pepper, honey because the vinegar was too much. A little more of this, a little more of that and then a whole lot of pesto stirred in. I chopped onion, parsley and thyme, threw in fine, fresh green beans for the last few minutes of the boil and then tossed it all together. It is yummy and took maybe fifteen minutes!

Last night Alesia and Laura came over and brought friends and games. Laura brought Naned and Jaffa, a Serb and an Irish guy from Belfast — lovely chaps both, big time cyclers who visit for several weeks each year around the time of the Giro d’Italia. They know the area far better than we do because they spend all their days here exploring the hilltowns on their bicycles. I was finishing up the cooking right when they arrived, and I had them all carry our stuff down into the garden. We started with prosecco and cheeses and then proceeded to feast at sunset in the backyard… Alesia brought a big, beautiful spinach salad and I tossed pasta with carmelized onions, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts… and added two cheeses before they carried it down so it was all melted and perfect as we ate. We had zucchini sauteed in herbs and a lemon cake with glaze and fresh strawberries on top for dessert. I should’ve taken pictures of the feast in the hydrangeas, but didn’t. After dinner, Alesia’s niece beat us all at a game called Rummikub. It was one of those perfect summer evenings…

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  1. yummy salad! am I going to see you? how long are you in town? I leave tomorrow am for Partnership (Thursday)

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