Girlfriend Playdate: Prague!

A in Prague
Hang around for the changing of the guard. It is FUNNY!

It has come to my attention that perhaps recently there’s been a bit too much soul-baring introspection on this blog and not enough showing you new places. Your requests on facebook to show you photos of adventures were a dead giveaway. 😉 You want vulnerable… but you also want photos of adventures!

I go on a lot of trips I never blog about… just seems like there’s no time… here’s one of my favorites:

A.’s the best friend I made in Lugano. Before she returned to the US last Fall, she travelled Europe like mad. She’d found a good deal on, so one weekend in June 2009 we ran off to Prague:

Prague1Prague June 20092 sights

One of my favorite moments of 2009 happened on this trip:

Prague 8

A.’s a walker. BIG TIME. Prague is built on numerous large hills on two sides of a wide river, the Vlatava. One day, we walked up and down at least two of the hills (small mountains where I’m from), across the river and back into downtown. Suddenly, across from us was a big storefront that read: Sawasdee Thai Foot Massage

“You want a foot massage?” A. said, joking.
“Hell, yeah I want a foot massage! You just walked me all over this whole city!”
“That’s what I love about you,” she said. “Most people wouldn’t want to spend the money, or something.”
“Whatever. Their loss. I want my foot massage. Let’s go.”

Sitting in those big chairs in funny pants they gave us was one of those strange moments in life… I’m so glad I went with A. to Prague before she returned to the U.S. I firmly believe we should all say, “Yes!” more often. You just never know when you’ll have one of those memorable moments…

What else about Prague? I’m writing about it here a year and a half later because it stands out as one of my favorite European cities. It seems quite liveable. The Jewish neighborhood is remarkable. I enjoyed shopping for handcrafted goods there, and shopping is not something I normally do much of at all when I travel. The food was good and cheap.

Prague June 2009 pastry

These pastries on the street were dusted with cinnamon and sugar, if I remember correctly. Yum! Anyway, if you’re looking for a European city with history, beauty, nature and hiking, shopping, art… all do-able within just a couple of days, Prague is a great place!

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  1. It is a great city and YES it was a fun trip with lots of laughs and ENGLISH movies:) Now hopefully you won’t next write about A’s strange big hariy bedfellows on a ski trip to Davos! Ay he had a cold nose too!~

  2. Ciao bella! I’m gonna call you! LOVE the email address, BTW. Miss you madly. MWAH.

  3. Lovely photos as always! Prague has long been on my list of European cities to vist, I may just have to do that soon. Meet me there next summer?

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