Rules and Chocolate, or Bunnies and Chickens and Eggs… Oh My!

I sort-of chickened out, so to speak, on the photos you really need to fully comprehend this post…

I am fascinated by the Easter candy here — and not just because it’s all made of Swiss chocolate. There are tiny little Giandor dark chocolate covered bunnies, and the filled eggs we get at home but finer. Not so surprising except how do they get them so perfect that little?

But then there are other things… I picked up something the other day I thought was a hollow dark choclate baby chick but I couldn’t tell which way was up on the thing. I turned it and turned it and kept peering at it in my hand. Then I read the package and it said (in German, French and Italian, of course), “Rabbit Ears” It was just the ears. Of the rabbit. Chocolate. Funny.

I was walking down to the lake last week and saw in a bakery window a perfect tiny brown chocolate frying pan with a white chocolate fried egg complete with golden food colored center.

I thought I’d take a few photos in the special grocery store Easter candy section so I could share all this with you, but I wasn’t expecting my flash to go off and it was weird. I was worried I’d get in trouble or something. The Swiss have so many rules. You can click on the photo collage above to better see just a small sampling of candy. See the ducks in white and milk chocolate?

(A side note: a couple of weeks ago I washed my car in the gas station car wash by school — you pull your car into the bay, insert a coin, grab the wand and wash just like at home. People kept staring at me. After a few people gawking, I knew I wasn’t imagining it. But why were they staring? I just read that there’s a law against washing one’s car on Sunday. Who knew? Crazy rules here. You can’t run any water, including flushing the toilet, after 10:30 p.m. Strange.)

Anyway, there are big Easter doings in town these few days. I spent yesterday evening and tonight wandering amongst stalls of local honey and other foodstuff, baked goods, imported scarves and batiks, and saw these folks singing both days. (Click on it to see them better.) It was downright hot today I had cioccolato gelato from my favorite lakeside stand while they did their little show. The other thing in the photo is a special cake they eat at Easter here… I toast it… (really I fry slices in butter for breakfast, which I think was my Mother’s idea with panettone and since it was Mom’s idea that makes it somehow ok, right?). This cake is called a Colomba and is like panettone but in the shape of a cross and with a yummy sweet topping. It usually has candied orange chunks inside. Yum. Happy spring holiday to you!

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  1. I am dying to be you! All we did was go to swim with the manatees and it was too darned cold—in Florida!!

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