Selling everything.

A good weekend. Party Friday night. Drinking watered-down sangria and making small talk over healthy snacks. Good cheese. I love good cheese. Yesterday helping friends move.

Making flyers for the community yard sale. Taking everything out of the kitchen cupboards to reassess — “Do I really need this?” The movers want over $7k to haul my stuff over the ocean, so it had better really be worth it. The more I pored over the stuff, the less I wanted. Thank heavens I culled stuff last year, too.

The divorce process is funny… last year I wanted to hoard my things. I felt I was losing so much, I wanted my surroundings to be plush to prove I was worth something… or keep a bit of the lifestyle I had, little bits and pieces of the life I had.  Now I am shedding that old skin; I don’t need any of this stuff anymore. I want some of it… but I don’t need any of the furniture, the tupperware, the linens to tie me to what used to be, to the people and places I knew and loved, to the person I was then, what I made and had become.

I will take only what I love (especially the art) and sell the rest. That’s nearly everything.

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  1. beautiful. I love transitions.

    You have to help me with what to call you on my blog. I wrote “her moscow self”… now what? I don’t know why but I like to have a pseudenym(sp?) for you!! I could just write Rebecca but to me you definitely do inspire “adventure” to me…

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