Singing Stove Top’s Praises

I have been known to be a food snob. Fifteen years ago after I’d spent time in Florence, a coffee snob, too. I outgrew that, but lately it’s strong, small morsels of stinky French cheese, best purchased in open-air markets. I like my food. Good food. Sometimes lots of it.

There was a period when I thought the Thanksgiving stuffing I’d grown up with was perhaps a bit provincial. I was new to New England and had stuffing with chestnuts, stuffing with apples, stuffing with fresh herbs… I thought maybe they were better, smarter, somehow more sophisticated stuffings.

But some things shouldn’t be messed with.

Now I see the error of my young ways.

Simple is good.

My Mom’s homemade stuffing takes a long time to make. Sometimes she makes good, ol’ fashioned homemade Southern dressing, as we call it there, with homemade cornbread. Some special years, she made that and Stove Top… and that makes Thanksgiving one of the best days of the year, I say, even though I can’t eat the cornbread one anymore (I’m allergic).

My Mom is praised for many, many things, but what some people don’t know is that she is also a great cook. Good, simple, straightforward food. Sorry about that sophisticated stuffing period, Mom!

This great lady invented Stove Top stuffing. I don’t know her name and just took the photo off some guy’s blog that came up on Google, but we should sing her praises today, too. Give thanks, y’all, for Stove Top, Mommas, good food and the abundance in your lives. I give thanks for you!

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