Slow & Steady Progress

Let me be up front with you: slow & steady is not my way.

I’ve a tendency toward the frenetic, the disheveled, the hot burst of white lightning creativity… the wild banshee.

Not everything in life works that way, though.

And so it has gone with many things I’m up to lately. I just have to deal with it. There’s a learning curve. I am not graceful with it.

For years I’ve been working on… no, DEVOTED TO… a little non-profit event started by the fabulous graphic designer, TEDster and all-around good guy Jeroen Hermkens It was called the European Summit… now it’s called Connect & Act because that is exactly what we do: connect committed changemakers and social entrepreneurs from around the world with each other, funders and supporters. We believe we are stronger together than the sum of our separate parts & that we are each a part of a movement for Good on the planet. We need not work alone.

I cannot say it’s always gone smoothly. (Understatement!) Especially because we started it, you know, for fun as a hobby. Here we are 6 years on now and I need to present a business plan to investors. Learning, people… I’m learning. It is so exciting. Something this big you cannot rush. Somewhere along the line I went from being a young Professor to building a movement. I am humbled… and sometimes completely overwhelmed.

Another thing that’s slow and steady? Transforming this XpatAdventures Web site. Baby steps. So much slower than I’d like to take them. My baby steps were wild, off-kilter, “let me show you I can run already” things, I imagine. My Mother should maybe guest post on that.

Here’s a side story for your entertainment today (and then I’ll leave you with one last fun download):

About 16 years ago, in my 20s, when I’d started teaching at CU-Boulder, my Mom flew from Florida to Denver and took a bus to town. It was in the middle of the work day and I thought it would be fun if she saw me teach. She must’ve been running a little late, because mid-lecture I saw her in the doorway and accidentally exclaimed, “Hi, Mom!” She dragged her suitcase in, sat down and on we went with class. She told me later the student next to her whispered, “What was she like as a child?!” This still makes me laugh.

Here’s the one last thing for today. The new XpatAdventures manifesto. I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. I love your manifestos. And who does everything perfectly without a few stumbles? Perfection is – yawn! – boring.

  2. HA! Thank you. I love the yawn! Makes me picture Tilda with her mouth splayed open… & heaven forbid we be bored.

  3. I love your manifesto. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your message. Sharing your story with me is so helpful. I’m not sure how we have connected. Maybe on FB. This is my first time on your blog. I’ll swing by and take a closer look when I have more time. Have a creative and lovely weekend. Ryn

  4. love the new manifesto! And the colors are perfect…bright, bold, fresh blue + warm, passionate, fiery orange + a little black for grounding. I’m inspired. (where did you create the graphic??)

  5. Shoot, you could not even wait to be born! Indeed, you went from 3 lbs 7 ounces in the incubator to “wide open”!!! The doc even said at release time after 5 weeks in the hospital due to your 3 month early birth, “She will be very strong because she overcame so many obstacles these first 5 weeks!”
    One other thing — A wise woman told me years ago, when I said I had been offered a “little” job, that we women tend to use that term too easily. Who knew my “little” job would eventually impact 25,000 families a year? But she inspired me to think in terms of the importance, not scale or size.
    The Summit goal has always been important-nothing little about it.

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